I Live in the Springtime

sweater- Urban Outfitters
skirt- Urban Outfitters
wedges- Delia's
music- The Lemon Drops- I Live in the Springtime
I was aiming for a sweet spring outfit here, though the sheer sweater might tone down the sweetness a bit. I've only worn this sweater one other time, right after I bought it last year in Chicago, and it led one of my co-workers to say to another on our inter-company IM (which never erases, mwahaha) that not only was I stupid, I also shopped at "Whores-R-Us"(actually pretty clever, I have to say). It's so nice to work in an environment where you're treated with respect!
However, that co-worker is now gone(on the run from the law, no kidding), so I tried this out again. I'm hoping the bow tempers some of the see-through aspect of it. This skirt is one of the only things I own that's pink(actually, the only thing), but I felt like wearing it because when I'm not dressed like a '50s delinquent, a '60s garage groupie, or a sailor, I secretly want to look like a milkmaid? I would hate to hear a Freudian analysis of my favorite styles of dress.

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