Day & Night

t-shirt- Target
skirt- Target
boots- given to me by Christie
music- The Raveonettes- The Beat Dies

If I'm going out on a weekend night, I typically don't wear my night outfit all day...because it will end up covered in flour and dog hair, and because it usually attracts stares. I like to attempt to keep it normal during the daytime. And yes, by normal I mean obese lady beach cover up t-shirts. Yesterday I went to a Kentucky Derby/housewarming party that my co-worker/friend Kelley was hosting at her new house. I drank a mind-boggling-ly strong mint julep from a silver cup and played with her new puppy!!!!! Puppies reduce me to tons of exclamation points and calling everything in sight a "doodle".

top- Urban Outfitters
shorts- Forever 21
flat- Target

Woo hoo, leopard and nautical! I'm so happy when I can combine the two. These shorts are possibly my favorites ever, even though they are wool and ungodly hot in the summertime. Tiny wool shorts are a total oxymoron, but I don't have much use for clothes that make sense. I felt like I was in Clue asking Elizabeth to take this photo in her parents' library...saying "in the library" automatically makes me think "Colonel Mustard, in the library, with the candlestick." ANYWAY, I drank an adorable pink can of Sofia Coppola wine(of course its adorable) with an even-more-adorable wee pink straw(seen here next to a lovely flower arragement of Elizabeth's).

Afterwards we went to a show at the Hitone where I attempted to sort out my extremely confused feelings regarding going out/leaving the house. Not sure I figured anything out, but at least it gives me an excuse to dress up.

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