dress- Tara Jarmon for Target
feather headband- Modcloth
flats- Old Navy
music- My Bloody Valentine- Feed Me with Your Kiss

I know that is probably closer to my face than you ever wished to be, but I wanted to see if indoor photos made me look less color- and lifeless than the outdoor ones. And now you know what an alarming amount of eyeliner I wear. Yesterday my sister from another mister(and mother...), Erin, graduated from law school. I was quite glad I wore flats because we ended up walking about 4 miles around downtown, but I wasn't complaining about the exercise because I ate so much I felt like a balloon. I love a reason to break out this headband, though there was a rogue feather poking out of the back the whole time that made me feel like Yankee Doodle Dandy. I've still got a bit of a headache from it...I don't know how Christie and wore headbands EVERY DAY back in the dorm daze. Maybe that's why I could be such a terror at 19? Headband-induced hysteria?
This dress is an old standby for me during the summer, although I did get a tad fried walking around so much. Who am I kidding though, I get fried at the mere thought of sunlight. The Mississippi, while incredibly high and terrifying and basically level with the road, hadn't flooded any areas that I could see...I don't really know where all these crazy photos are coming from that keep popping up everywhere. Speaking of crazy, we went to a very nice restaurant off of Beale St.(no, not an oxymoron) that was literally hidden in plain sight...apparently if you smile knowingly at a man sitting in a folding chair in front of a narrow flight of stairs(no sign or anything), you are given access to this place that serves DUCK AND WAFFLES. Obviously I didn't eat those, but I sort of wish I did.


  1. I had duck and waffles in New Orleans!!!! It was great.

    P.S. I love that headband in combo with the dress.

  2. they sounded so delicious! and so wrong...