Tuesday Afternoon

top- mark.
belt- Urban Outfitters
skirt- Chloe Loves Charlie
t-straps- Jeffrey Campbell, bought from Urban Outfitters
music- The Clash- Garageland

Just some workday neutral staples that I tried to liven up with a few happy brights. I have a bag full of belts in the top of my closet, but I very rarely wear any for some reason...possibly because I don't wear pants! I bought this floral one at Urban Outfitters about a million years ago(a.k.a. high school). I do love sweet pastel-ly stuff like this but I mostly have to wear it in small doses or I get overwhelmed and end up looking like a curtain in your grandma's dusty guest bedroom. This skirt does not have belt loops but I improvised! (I wanted to hide the elastic waistband). These t-straps are some of my favorites, for the color, the '20s feel, and the fact that they are super comfortable. Lately all the Jeffrey Campbell shoes I see are those hideous Litas(maybe I am too old, but I do not understand that trend, at all), but about 5 or 6 years ago they used to make lots of wingtips and pin-up shoes and other fun throwbacks that I'm always a sucker for. These are sadly my only pair, though.
This is my idea of an interview outfit(I might need a reality check, I know). I'm trying to figure out how to apply and interview for jobs in a city that I don't live in yet...how do people do this? If you know of a job in Nashville(or Louisville, at this point I'm not too picky) and/or someone that's just dying for a roommate with a pit bull and 2 dumbass cats(to offset this, I bake a lot, am clean and quiet, and will share my Netflix), HOLLER.

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