Making It Work

blouse- Forever 21
dress- H&M
flats- Old Navy
music- Tuscadero- Mt. Pleasant

As evidenced by my profound love of shorts and backless things, most of my closet is not work-appropriate. Having to buy clothing based on a dress code rather than on personally finding an item aesthetically pleasing reminds me forcibly of abiding by the Memphis City School uniform in high school(the reason that to this day I hardly ever wear green), and I'd rather not ever think about that uniform again. So today I attempted to turn two work-inappropriate items into something I could actually wear without fear of dirty looks/being sent home to change. Despite the fussy bow on this blouse, it's totally see-through and I rarely have the balls to wear it on its own during the daytime without a bodyguard. And this dress flattens my chest weirdly but somehow simultaneously makes it appear like I have cleavage(I wish!). So it's out as well. But together they make me look like a '70s schoolteacher that's really into Little House on the Prairie! Which works for work, I guess.
(Sometimes I get on a kick with a pair of shoes, even though I have so many other pairs, and it's happening with these! They are so comfy and match most everything I own. But I'll try to wear a different pair tomorrow, just to prove I can.)
Christie and I have talked about how our photo-taking abilities are getting worse and not better and it's definitely happening here! And my face looks SUPER SCARY in the majority of these pictures. I'm gonna try and work on it! Sorry bout that.

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  1. i'm too scared to wear anything denim when i have to dress "professionally" for school! and yr face isn't scary!!