The Leather

leather jacket- vintage
camisole- given to me by Christie
jeans- Forever 21
flats- Old Navy
music- Oblivians- The Leather

This jacket is the opposite of the Apache shoes favored by lurking bosses and spouse abusers everywhere--you can hear me coming from a mile away. I need to put some WD40 on this thing. I bought it off Ebay several years ago, after thrift store searches proved fruitless and all the faux-leather jackets I saw just looked so aggressively plastic to me. It originally had shoulder pads, which I hastily removed with the help of my trusty seam ripper. I don't care what Balmain said 3 seasons ago. Shoulder pads age you tremendously. Only very young, very beautiful people can wear them and not look like Hillary Clinton in the early '90s. I think it's one of those things that young attractive people do just because they can. Needless to say, the shoulder pads are gone. It's warm again today so I can wear this...leather is not warm at all. Poor cows.
I haven't been able to fit into these jeans since '08. Hooray. I love high-waisted pants/shorts/skirts. Once you manage to zip/button them up(which is a feat in itself), they pretty much reign everything in. Plus they have a great '50s badass vibe(which is sort of what I'm aiming for half the time), like one of Marlon Brando's ladies in The Wild One(GREAT MOVIE..also where the name Black Rebel Motorcycle Club comes from, but you might already know that).

I promise that Christie has not donated all of my closet. It just seems that in the past two weeks I've been wearing several of the things she's given me as gifts/part of clothes swaps.
I'm about to go make some brownies with chocolate buttercream frosting...hopefully I will be able to get these pants off at the end of the day.

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