dress- thrifted
belt- from the now-defunct Memphis rockabilly/pyschobilly store Tear It Up
music- The Beach Boys- Darling

Happy Valentine's Day! Let me introduce...the Black Thursday dress, star of Weekend of No Morals Pt. 1. Named after the notorious evening following a Black Lips show at which it made its debut in January 2006, this dress seems to invite sin. I'm not sure why. It's quite tight but it shows no skin. (However, most people seem to overestimate the appeal of showing too much skin.) It also made a reappearance about a year later during Weekend of No Morals Pt. 2(fortunately there were no more than 2 chapters). I'm feeling more saintly than sinner today...but this dress seemed the most festive in my closet, and it was actually warm enough to wear without a jacket.

Yesterday I made these brownies with chocolate buttercream frosting and 4 lbs. of sprinkles for Andy. <3

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