Little Animal

cardigan- Forever 21
dress- thrifted
boots- Macy's
music- The Raveonettes- Little Animal
awkward smile- that's all mine, baby

So taking photos outside is way better that inside for the light and all...except that I dress like an idiot for winter and it's quite cold out there. The snow's pretty and all that, and wearing boots and tights has been good fun, but this shit ain't for me. I'm ready for spring time and the inevitable mind-melting summer heat that will follow, despite how huge it will make my hair.(I need to can the Memphis humidity and sell it to people with flat hair...I COULD MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS).
This dress is really amazing but it was too cold to hang out for a better photo. I got it on the best thrifting day ever at the Junior League a few years ago..5 great dresses at one store in one day. Rich ladies love to dump their barely worn things off there...I've found several pairs of perfect Jeffrey Campbell shoes there before, though all waaaaay too small for my clunking feet.
I love leopard and red...I know it might be a bit too much but I think that concept and I parted ways long ago. Hell, I love leopard and any color, who am I kidding. It's a neutral right? Just like polka dots?
I'll leave you with an image of the world's most pensive pit(or whatever she is, her daddy was a traveling salesman). Have a good weekend!


  1. great photos! Let's hope we have some luck at the new vintage store. My guess is that it's going to be really over priced.

  2. and....you were right!

  3. her dad was a traveling salesman! so funny. i keep thinking about prostitution being the oldest profession and i imagine a hot lady asking a man to hunt for her or gather her some berries for sex.