sweater- Built By Wendy
leggings- American Apparel
boots- Old Navy
music- The Oblivians- Ja Ja Ja

...or at least that's how Memphians react to a bit of snow. Granted, it took me over an hour to make the 25-minute drive home from work yesterday, but I'm willing to sacrifice that time for a snow day(!) like we got today. I have been in a Wire-watching frenzy for the past several days and I am extremely depressed that I probably won't get my next disc from Netflix til Monday. I guess I'll have to make do with getting out of the bed and cleaning and cooking like a functioning adult should when giving a precious free day from work.

Isn't this sweater funny? I hope that second photo gives you a sense of the amazing detail. It's not really my style(I don't normally do graphics), and it's such a showpiece that I hardly ever wear it. However, it does manage to (barely) cover my ass, which is my main priority when I feel like wearing leggings. Leggings are basically like sweatpants for people who would never wear sweatpants(like yours truly)...good for a day when I refusing to leave the house.
This may be my last post as I might get pneumonia and die from stupidly going outside(albeit mercifully briefly) in 23-degree weather wearing a short-sleeved sweater. Let's hope not.

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