sweatshirt- Forever 21
skirt- vintage
tights- Old Navy
boots- Old Navy
music- Oasis- Don't Look Back in Anger

Yes, I know that barely two weeks ago I said that I only wear bright tights in primary colors, but I lied. Sorry about that. And purple's sort of almost a primary color, right? Anyway, if it was good enough for the sails of Cleopatra's gilded barge, it's good enough for me. I bought these tights last Saturday when I finally yielded to the irrestible siren's call of an Old Navy gift card that had been languishing in my wallet since Christmas. Despite the odd sizing there leaving me with a (false) sense of self-confidence, I only bought tights and shoes. Sometimes the basics are just too basic.
My skewed idea of a basic is this skirt. I bought it at a vintage store in Elliston Place in Nashville in high school(I have pretty good shopping-detail recall). It is one of the only things I've retained(and still regularly wear) from high school since most of what I bought then was the sad green or khaki required by the "uniforms" of the Memphis City Schools. For that reason alone you will likely never see me sport a collar or khakis. Some wounds DON'T HEAL, MCS. Back to the point--polka dots are a neutral to me, as I will also have a soft spot for '50s kitsch.
OASIS--while I'm talking about high school I may as well mention the fact that I am listening to Oasis right now more than I have since I was 14. I just can't believe that two of the most hilarious and ridiculous humans on earth also produced that shimmering trifecta of brilliance that is songs 3-4-5 on "Morning Glory". I'm officially announcing that I don't believe in guilty pleasures anymore.

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