dress- vintage
tights- Target
boots- Target
music- Link Wray- Hidden Charms

I am wearing these boot-things waaaay too much...they make me feel like a giant(in a good way) and also make my pathetic summer-dress+sweater outfits look all wintery and appropriate. I even drove out to the Target in the far 'burbs to get them...it was quite a haul but totally worth it. Did you know you can see on the Target website which store has which size of all the footwear? It's a little Big Brother-y("picture a boot stomping on a human face...forever"--you can find that boot online!) but was extremely helpful in this scenario.
Sorry for that, Orwell, your masterwork really deserves more respect than that.

This dress is one of my favorites. It's obscenely short and absolutely must be worn with tights but it's also super thin and cold, so it's a bit of a catch-22(it's high school required-reading literature day over here today). It reminds me a bit of the '40s, with the shoulders, but the colors and the length(or lack thereof) are more late '60s-early to mid '70s. That's a good combination of eras.

On a totally different note, I spent yesterday morning in a flour-covered frenzy as I made 3 dozen sour cream chocolate cupcakes and accompanying buttercream frosting for a baby shower. I was originally hoping to make the cupcakes look like baby rattles but that proved a little too ambitious so I just settled on mint green frosting(I LOVE GEL PASTE) and blue sprinkles. Turns out the colors serendipitously matched the decorations at the shower, so I was quite pleased.

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