Shorts Story

cardigan- Urban Outfitters
top- Gap
shorts- American Apparel
flats- Urban Outfitters
music- The Music Machine- Masculine Intuition

OH HO HO! Do you like my pun? Thought I'd come back in a big way. A more appropriate title might be, to quote Electric 6, "she's white, WHITE, she is so white, white like the light, never like the night..I was born to excite her, she could never be whiter". Too long though.
Sorry I got lazy...I have gotten so obsessed with The Wire that I couldn't wait for Netflix, ran to Black Lodge, and upon finding out that they were missing the disc I needed became so visibly upset that the clerk went and scrounged up a burned copy in the back for me(at no charge, thanks!). I cried hard over Wallace and am super terrified by Omar's nursery rhyme whistling. Anyway, now I'm sadly waiting for season 2 in the mail(damn the post office and their fake holiday!!!) so I thought I'd make a post. Yesterday the weather was superfreaky(no Rick James jokes please) and 80 degrees. In the middle of February. This is some Everglades shit! I want the warm but I don't want the global warming apocalypse.
Anyway...these shorts and I: it's a problem. I have to fight myself not to wear them every day that I can wear what I like (i.e. Saturday and Sunday), and obviously that's a losing battle. But as Ross says, I make milk look tan. I thought I was ready to put the tights away but maybe not...
I also made some applesauce walnut bread last night but no photos...it was not a winner. Happens to the best and worst of us, sometimes.

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  1. i didn't know you got a pair of spectators from urban. they look just like your old ones.