Hola Ombre

dress- Target
belt- my mom's from when she was in college
flats- Old Navy
music- Monks- Drunken Maria

DAMN I am slaying myself over here with these puns. I've gotta stop.
This outfit is a prime example of why slips are not just for ladies over 70. I forgot to wear one today and it was cling city up in here. Too bad in order to buy slips you have to go to some creepy elderly section tucked area in a corner of Sears. Girls my age need them too. Though as Christie pointed out, what I call "normal people" don't seem to wear tights. I noticed at my graduation(on a freezing day in December) that almost every girl was bare-legged! To show off their tans maybe? Since I've never had to concern myself with that particular issue and I don't want to catch cold, I choose tights.
This dress is as close as I'll now get to tie-dye. I think I burned myself out on it circa 2002, the peak of my hippie phase..back when I carried a copy of the 700-page opus A Long Strange Trip on my person at all times and I had scribbled "DOES YOUR FOOD HAVE A FACE?!" on my LL Bean bookbag in white-out.
Speaking of 2002, Pete Yorn and Ben Kweller are playing TOGETHER at the NEW DAISY(which I have not set foot in since I became legal) in a few months. I AM SO EXCITED. I have not heard anything they've put out past their respective second records, but this is going to be a big time 10th grade dream team realized, and it can be really fun to indulge your inner 15 year old. Just not with tie-dye or Doors t-shirts.

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