Gray Day

cardigan- Old Navy
dress- some store in Athens, GA
tights- Target
flats- Nine West
music- The Reindeer Section- The Day We All Died

I look as shiny as a freshly polished pair of shoes in that second photo...not sure why! I guess I shouldn't use the flash outdoors.
I got this dress at some uppity boutique in downtown Athens when we went there for Chunklet's anniversary shindig(s). We stayed at Peter Buck's ex-wife's house with Mastodon? Face tat is not as scary is real life as it is on the cover of my ALL TIME FAVORITE MAGAZINE, DECIBEL. Anyway, this dress was a total surprise amongst the rhinestone-d and bad-patterened expensive yet cheap-looking things in that store. Expensive yet cheap looking seems to be a problem plaguing many boutiques in downtown Memphis as well, as I discovered last weekend, though the new little Dear Creatures-carrying store is definitely forging different path.
I love the star-print as an updated take on polka dots...it's whimsical but not too whimsical for my black- and boot-loving heart. And when the weather is all gray and nasty and work is making me feel like I should take up an aggressive hobby like kickboxing, whimsical helps. As do bright tights.
About to get into a 5-episode The Wire trance...why did I hold out for so long?!?!? Thank god I finally accepted that Andy will never read HP and just went for this show anyway.

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