Deathly Hallows

sweater- H & M
skirt- thrifted
boots- thrifted
nail polish- Avon- Olive
music- Interpol- PDA

Dang dude...I am a big ass nerd(not to be confused with a nerd with a big ass). I am about to go see HP7:DH Pt. 1(not a good movie to abbreviate) for the THIRD time. Thank god I have people around me to coerce into this. I used to try to hide my HP obsession when I cared about being cool, but now I realize it's way better than most people's boring guilty pleasures, which are usually reading shitty tabloids and watching terrible TV. HP: Not guilty...only pleasing!

To immortalize your image of me forever as a nerd of epic proportions, I'm gonna talk about why I like this nail polish. It really clashes horribly with my skin tone but I find it mossy and magical in a Lord of the Rings kind of way. I was super into LOTR in middle school. Signing off now before I embarass myself any more.
NOTE: I do not like Star Wars. Or pretty much anything fantasy or sci-fi related other than HP and to a much lesser degree Tolkien. I tried to read Terry Pratchett but it did nothing for me. You can't choose your guilty pleasures...THEY CHOOSE YOU.

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