Accidental Rockabilly

sweater- Target
scarf- vintage
pants- Banana Republic
moccasins- Old Navy
dog- Memphis & Shelby County Humane Society
music- Arab Strap- "Dream Sequence"

Me and pants: it's a rocky relationship. I only own 5 pairs, which sounds like a lot until you consider that I own upwards of 80 dresses. I am one of those girls that wears a skirt and tights when it's 12 degrees outside(actually, Memphis never gets that cold). I have been known to employ the women-wore-non-pants for-thousands-of-years-and-did-just-fine argument when facing incredulous older people(it's always older people that insist on starting that). These sadly are the only pants I have that are work-appropriate(FORMERLY work appropriate- actually they were shot down yesterday), so I get more mileage out of them than any others. They were a super score at BR for only $10, thanks to a 25% off coupon and the clearance rack. It never fails to mystify me that the average American woman is 5'3", and yet, at 5'5" I still have to cuff nearly every pair of pants I buy. However, the cuffing and the scarf and my resigned-to-it ponytail sort of lent this outfit a rockabilly vibe, which was accidental but I ended up liking. That tends to happen every once in a while as a by-product of my high-school Gene Vincent/Blackboard Jungle obsession. If you have not seen Blackboard Jungle, it is awesome and hilarious and, incidentally, now available instantly on Netflix. You have no excuse! I sense an inspiration post coming soon.
Charlotte's damn dog tail (or entire body) is in every picture I took. This house has 3 bedrooms but she seems to want to be within 3 feet of me at all times.

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