Cardigan- Old Navy
Dress- Modcloth
Tights- Target
Shoes- Target
music- The Wailers- Hang Up

Last night I had a dream I went to a Redbirds game with Stanley Tucci. He was wearing a toupee to make himself look younger and I was trying to convince him he looked better without it.
Now to sound really crazy...do you name your clothes? I do. I don't mean human names(thank God), just things to refer to them as. Like "Black Thursday dress" or "mod candy cane dress" or "denim prairie skirt". I originally started this habit to distinguish items of clothing in my outfit log(ahem!...Christie and I were so ahead of our times. An outfit log is basically a visual-free version of a blog like this). Anyway...I've always referred to this dress as the "sugar" dress. Not sure why. Maybe because it's 100x sweeter than almost everything else I own? In a feeble attempt to make it look tougher I had a leather jacket on instead of this cardigan, but it ended up looking really '80s and awful.

Speaking of awful, went to go see "Howl" at the Brooks yesterday...what a waste of the considerable talents of the people involved. I am not a fan of faux-documentary style to begin with, and I'm definitely not a fan of crappy animation that reminds me of the "New Worlds" screen savers package that came with yr new PC circa 1997. I found it repetitive and at times cringe-inducing. And this is a person that was OBSESSED with the Beats in my early teens. When I thought "Waking Life" was the most profound thing I'd ever seen...haven't revisited that one in the fear that it has aged terribly. Don't wanna tarnish the enjoyment my 15-year-old self got out of it!

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