Saturday in the Park

jean jacket- Old Navy
romper- Delia's
flats- Target
music- NOT Chicago...I actually can't stand that song

Yesterday the weather was so beautiful...if California is like that, I can see why people pay out the wazoo to live there. We had a lil picnic in Overton Park, and by picnic I mean I ate a giant cream-filled donut on a blanket and stared at all the adorable dogs.

This jean jacket is the ULTIMATE jean jacket. All through high school I searched for a perfect thrifted one to no avail. But lo and behold, in that magical summer of '05 immediately after high school(most fun time ever?), the jacket I had been longing for was waiting for me at Old Navy, of all places. It has seen quite a bit since then and has gotten softer and better with age and washings and me leaving it on people's floors. Unfortuntely there are only about 4 days of the year in Memphis when it's not too cold or too hot to wear it. Yesterday happened to be one...thanks global warming!
Also, I love rompers. This was the first one I ever bought and it's all been downhill from there. I have too many rompers for someone over 3.
Ummmm...please ignore the phallic banana I'm holding in that photo. Immediately after that photo was taken I was like damn! I need to get this banana away from my crotch area. But alas, the photo was already taken.


  1. love that outfit. and the phallic banana picture! so cute.

    i love jeans jackets and how you can add pins to make it more fun. do you still have any on yours?

  2. i don't know what happened to all my pins!! i remember when you and i wore them on EVERYTHING. i felt like such a badass with my 13th floor elevators pin on my old airplane bag signed by the gin blossoms...don't know what happened to that bag either.

  3. oh god, the white bag? that thing got filthy!