Friday Faux Fur

Coat- Forever 21
Dress- Tara Jarmon for Target
Boots- thrifted
music- Rolling Stones- Street Fighting Man

I really like this coat because it straddles the line between classy and CRAZAY. It's also quite warm, which added to the crazy effect since the temperature inexplicably rose to about 65 yesterday afternoon and I was sweatin' bullets wearing this thing. I really am trying to have fun with my work wardrobe, which is somewhat restrictive but doesn't prevent me from stepping out in something like this. And it was Friday. Always a cause for celebratory dressing.

This dress is from my favorite collaboration Target ever did, with the French designer Tara Jarmon. I believe it was their second one ever, after the Luella one, and I bought 4 things from it. This dress has a great little bow and a slight boning effect on the waist, both of which I hope you can see in the second photo. I felt like I should cover my teeth for once, lest I begin to remind myself of Gilderoy Lockhart.(YES I AM A MASSIVE NERD--FO' LIFE)