A Girl and her Dog

dress- Forever 21
tights- Target
flats- Target
music- Exploding Hearts- We Don't Have to Worry Anymore

You may have noticed that it is borderline impossible for me to take a photo without an animal in it. There are 5 animals in my house, each stinkier and more bonkers than the last. Charlotte, my pretty pit-ty fat doodle, is the stinkiest and most bonkers of the lot(and also my favorite. Don't tell the cats). She's a lot better at posing than I am.
In high school/first year of college I was totally into bright tights in every color of the rainbow. While I have mercifully retired the hot pink(ugh) and weird forest green(I cannot think of anyone these could be flattering on), I still wear red and blue fairly often. As Tuscadero once said, "primary colors are always best".
Um, sorry for the inexcusably poor quality of this photo. At every photo I was becoming more disturbed by the state of my hair til I finally just gave up. To paraphrase the Bard: Get thee to a hairstylist...STAT!

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