Winter Denial Effort

Cardigan- Banana Republic
Dress- thrifted
Boots- Target
music- Red House Painters- New Jersey

Thank God I live in the South. I don't mean that in the same way as the conference of scaries I saw at a state park who wanted "the Feds out of Dixie" and the South to secede, judging by the bumper stickers on their cars. (INTERESTING to choose a state park, probably founded by the federal government and the CCC, as your meeting place). No, I mean that because I have a 2-year-old's idea of what to wear in the winter. Basically my winter wardrobe is my summer wardrobe, with tights. And a cardigan. Despite being so pale the mere thought of sunshine gives me a third degree burn, I cannot handle the cold. I know that the 104 degree, 900% humidity of the Memphis summer makes others shoot people and drink 40s(counterintuitive--they get hot too quickly, even when it's cool outside), the cold really makes me lose the will to live. Or go outside, I should say. Judging by the utter madness inspired in the city with one mention of flurries I guess I'm not alone.
I was so damn cold in this outfit.(Think I will learn my lesson? NO) It was about as warm as a layer of dollar-store tissue paper. This dress can definitely skew towards sorority girl if I don't play it right, which hopefully I did. Although I think my near-blinding paleness in this photo would most assuredly prevent me from being mistaken for a sorority sister.

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