On Target

Sweater- Target
Skirt- Target
Tights- Target
Shoes- (i'll let you guess)(yep, Target)
music- Jane's Addiction- Stop

Lord save us all from the terrible word-plays I keep using as my titles! I look as though I'm dressing to conceal a pregnancy here, but don't worry Mom, I am not. Remember when I said I was nuturing a tendency(whether wise or unwise has yet to be determined) to buy things off the Target clearance rack that are 3X my size? Meet my latest purchase in that category. This sweater is an $12 XXL behemoth that I actually really like. I would probably never buy it fitted, as I think it would be a bit boring, but when it's huge and slouchy and perfect for a lazy Sunday I'm really into it.
However, I'm gonna try to not ever wear an entire outfit full of shit from the same place again. Sometimes it just happens, especially when it's a place as great as TARGET.
P.S.- Perry Farrell during this era? SO FUNNY. Love Jane's Addiction.


  1. i almost bought that sweater in the purple with black stripes, and i even picked up the XXL, but it didn't look right! and then i went the other way to medium, and it still looked weird.

    did you wear that skirt to work? ;)

  2. ha...definitely not. even my most nun-ly outfits aren't flying at work. i'm considering a burqa.
    i wore this on sunday...i'm posting the outfits a day behind.