All Buttoned Up

sweater- Old Navy
dress- vintage
moccasins- Old Navy
music- The Byrds- Eight Miles High

Work + cold = shitty outfits. I promise I'm working on it. This is the second accidental look I've had...today I was unintentionally preppy. Loafers! Pink stripes! Ribbed v-neck sweater! Hey, if I can't wear my short shorts or half my dresses something's gotta give. Normally I wear this dress unbuttoned a little ways, but I decided to go the whole hog and button it to the very top.

I couldn't get a good close shot of the frosty pink buttons here, but trust me, they are winners. Speaking of good shots...I live in this somewhat dismal place called the real world, and I see about 45 minutes of sunshine per day owing to the dreaded Windowless Office Job. This makes the photo-taking sorta hard...plus not having a human to assist me doesn't help much either. And fluorescent lights, you may be good for the environment but you are bad for picture-taking! But excuses excuses...soon it won't get dark at 5 p.m. and I can take them outside! You might say I could get up earlier but PSSSSSSH. Mornings and I go together like...imagine a good comparison.
Last night I made a chocolate espresso mousse. I had attempted it on Sunday night but it turned into chocolate scrambled eggs(you don't wanna know what that looks like). But though I am a quitter in most aspects of life, I don't like being defeated by baked goods. So I remade it and it turned out spectacular, albeit ridiculously rich! However the photos look like dog doo so I will spare you.
Today my mom told me I looked like a Pentecostal girl cause my hair was so long. NOT THE LOOK I'M GOING FOR. So thank the Lawd(not in a Pentecostal way), I have found a photo to take to the hairdresser. Thinking of the Versace ads for Fall 2010...an amalgamation of both of these 'do's.

Possibly not feasible on my giant-ass hair...but I'm gonna try it out nonetheless.

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