oh hay

cardigan- Zara
dress- vintage
wedges- Urban Outfitters

Hi there. It's been a while. You probably thought that I left you for good, ye of little faith! Not without good reason, I know. But I think I am ready to commit, blog. I would like you to meet my new purple cardigan. Getting a purple cardigan was one of my two goals for our epic amazing trip to Chicago(the other goal is not fit for print), and I succeeded on both counts! This $20 sweater was probably the cheapest thing at Zara. I feel slightly '80s(possibly my least favorite decade, stylistically) with the hot purple(yeah, making up my own colors now what're you gonna do) and graphic print, but I think it still works. I normally wear a belt with this dress because the cut is soooo baggy and weird, but we went to an Indian food buffet today so the belt would've popped off anyway. It's kinda late and I'm kinda full of the key lime cake I made earlier, but hopefully this is the first post again of many!

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