Oversize Christmas Ornament

sweater- Delia's

dress- vintage

boots- Target

...or, at least that's kind of what I feel like in this get-up. I bought this sweater at the MALL earlier this week. I was trying to describe it to the salesgirl when I walked in and she was like, "oh yeah! sorry, we only have an XL left and I know you don't want that." I was like "fork it over, girl." She was so bewildered by its hugeness/how happy I seemed about it that she ran up and put a weird belt around my waist in an attempt to make me look less like I was wearing a potato sack. DO NOT TRY TO FATHOM MY CLOTHING CHOICES YOUNG LADY. Large might have been a better size than XL but I'll take what I can get when it's on clearance.

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