shirt- bought at the Hitone in 2008
pants- Banana Republic
flats- Target
music- Six String Jets- Memphis

So this is what I wear to work most days(switching up the t-shirts, of course)--pretty unexciting. I got a multitude of excited comments about this shirt from customers in the drive-thru line. Even though I sometimes feel weird wearing it around town(I'm more comfortable in it on vacation!), people are always like "HOLY SHIT I WANT ONE." To be clear, I do not support guns in any way and am completely terrified when I see one. But I do feel a bit like a badass in this shirt. I went to Comcast(pretty crazy cross-section of the city in there, woo wee, heard some maintenance men arguing about Wu-Tang) to dump off my internet modem(gotta save that $$$) and on the way to make Elizabeth serve me pineapple gelato, I saw a full-grown adult woman sitting in a baby stroller waiting for the bus in front of the main library. GOTTA LOVE THIS TOWN. I couldn't even make that shit up. And today we went to a semi-ghetto convenience store on Jackson where you walk into the back, ask a little lady for a plate, and get the most delicious and cheap pile of Ethiopian food. I hate to think of leaving Memphis when there are so many amazing secrets like that waiting to be discovered! But that'll be a while off. Right now I am trying to fight off a cold with Green Machine and a smoothie...waking up at 4 a.m. is ROUGH on a body.
P.S.- Charlotte lookin' sassy in that 2nd photo, LOVE THAT DOG

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