Yeah yeah yeah

cardigan- Urban Outfitters
dress- American Apparel
spectators- Urban Outfitters
music- Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Y Control

Yesterday was my day off and it was really great! But kind of a blah day with the outfits/photos. This outfit was another one of those that seems really good in theory but not so spectacular in reality. However, I did go to my favorite thrift store and get some really good things! It was very inspiring. I can't wait to do more thrfitin' and take fun photos(hellooooooo all of the places we took zine photos in 2005) when my BFF gets in town next week! So many exclamation points! In addition to the thrift success, I cleaned my shower(seriously, worst chore in the entire world) and made a strawberry coffee cake and ate the best sub sandwich in the world. I know that if I move to Chicago I will likely find an endless bounty of delicious sandwiches, but NOTHING WILL EVER REPLACE THE CHINESE SUB SHOP). Ok. The three hour nap I accidentally took today has really thrown my brain for a loop, so I'm gonna stop typing. Night!

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