Finally Fall

shirt- thrifted
skirt- Modcloth
flats- Old Navy
music- Earth- The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull

It's finally feeling really like fall outside and I love it! Unfortunately that also translates into my body freaking out and getting a major cold. I am sniffling so much that I feel like the most annoying person on the earth. Speaking of, we went to see Earth last night, and what I saw was really amazing. But I felt so crappy from my cold I couldn't see the whole set(probably 5 songs in 2 hours, ha). That didn't stop me from bringing 20 earplugs in a fit of overexcitment and saying "I WANT IT TO BE SO LOUD I CAN FEEL IT IN MY THROAT." I was not disappointed.
Anyway, this outfit is from Thursday, cause I am so sick looking right now I am not taking any more photos til this passes! This top was the main score in my aforementioned successful thrifting earlier this week. And I've been waiting for the cold to pull this skirt out, since I truly look like a ghost if I wear it without tights. It has a really neat and subtle polka dot pattern if you look closely enough.
No more talking. I'm napping out

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