dress- Forever 21
flats- Old Navy

Yesterday I went to see Vivre Sa Vie at the Brooks, so I wanted to dress appropriately nautical in an Anna Karina homage. Also, I like dressing like a sailor(how many times have I said that on this blog?!?). There was not a soul there besides me under 70, but I still enjoyed myself. Godard and dance scenes, you kill me!!! Seriously, have you ever seen a cuter prostitute in your entire life?(that sentence might be an oxymoron). I need to rock plaid skirts and little blouses like her more often. Not that it helped her character out in the end...but this is a clothing blog.

This dress is one of those that is so tight-fitting that it retains my shape when I hang it back up on the frame. I need to find a name for that phenomenon. I forgot to take a picture today but I am really wanting to wear a new polka dot dress I got on Ebay and take pictures at Sun Studio. Really would like a P.I.C. for this blog! Preferably one with a nicer camera, oh ho

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