Last Day of Summer

top- Tara Jarmon for Target
shorts- Delia's
flats- Old Navy

These are my favorite favorite shorts! I can't believe they have not yet made an appearance on this blog, considering that I wear them at least once a week. In true mom fashion(for her, anyway), my mother said: "Are you seriously wearing those in public? I can see your buns, you know." Yes mom. I wear them in public quite a bit. These pictures are actually from Thursday, the last day of summer! It was pretty chilly once the sun set and I actually needed more clothes than this, but what're you gonna do. I went to the free Jack Oblivian show that was the opening event of Gonerfest and stared stared stared at all the obviously-not-from-Memphis QTs. Garage rock folks from cities other than here sure love some double denim. Afterwards I met up with some lady friends and giggled a lot and harassed people on the Facebook(SORRY). I think when events like Gonerfest roll around I always tend to dress archetypal garage rock(though sadly no boots this time around). Last night I got to wear an amazing polka dot dress I found on Ebay, but unfortunately/mercifully no photos got taken. I'll just say that I broke my phone after drunkenly dropping it and had to spend $120 on a new one today, but last night I found it HILARIOUS. NO MORE WINE FOR ME.

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