top- Urban Outfitters
skirt- thrifted
flats- Target

I bought this top at the New Orleans Urban Outfitters several years ago, from the Urban Renewal line. It used to be a normal men's button down! Each repurposed top was different, making it possible to get a totally unique item from a big-box clothing chain, which I love! Worn with my trusty purple thrifted skirt(seriously, what did I wear before I bought this thing?), and some really cute yet incredibly slippery and dangerous peep-toes from Target. I actually fell and busted my butt wearing them a few years back in a gas station parking lot. It was pretty painful yet hilarious, especially considering no one else saw it. They might need to go, since 4+ years of wear has yet to make them less slippery. Have another clothing swap, Elizabeth. I'm finding more stuff to dump every day!

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