Summer Uniform

top- Urban Outfitters
shorts- Urban Outfitters
sandals- Modcloth
music- The Raveonettes- Beat City

Basically every single(non-work-) day for the past month I have been wearing a variation of this outfit: top, shorts, and these sandals, which are the most comfortable things ever and match everything and look a lot more dressed up than my regular plain-jane black sandals. WHEW let me take a breather after that long ass sentence. You can definitely see my bra through the eyelet on this shirt, but that's cool. It's not padded or anything so I don't feel like I'm advertising what I don't got. Anyway. These shorts have some really fun details, like little bows on the side and a button fly(PAIN IN THE ASS but looks good and does not bunch up like a zipper would on something high-waisted).
I'm about to go to the tattoo place for the third time...third time's the charm right?

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