shirt- Libertine for Target
skirt- vintage
wedges- Urban Outfitters
music- The Clash- Straight to Hell(I'm definitely having a Combat Rock moment)

I'm back by request yo! Plus the little kids next door have disappeared(not gonna dig too deep into that shadiness). Things have been going pretttttty good. I finally got the balls to quit my office job from hell, and already got a new one at a coffee shop near my house, so we'll see how that goes! In the past week I have watched my first drag show(MARIAH CAREY YES), saw the last Harry Potter movie(do not even talk to me about this, I am still mad about this bullshit), and done karaoke for the first time(Urge Overkill/Oasis/The Animals). You can still see the remains of my Harry Potter Pride in this photo: my Gryffndor nail polish(looks like ketchup and mustard) and weird tribal temp tats that said "Dumbledore's Army" that will not scrub off my arm. But on to business! This tank is an XXL(WHY do I keep doing that) and I like the way it delegates the fullness of this skirt to the very edge, like a DIY dropwaist. I normally do not do graphics on t-shirts(with the exceptions of a few band shirts and my Memphis gun shirt), but I was really drawn to this one, perhaps because it hints at my obsession with the 18th century, which thus far I have not figured out how to express through my clothes. Run-on sentences. I gotta get the hang of this again.

In totally unrelated-to-clothes news, I finally finished my Polaroid board. Originally I had optimistically left the last two rows empty in the hopes that I would get some new ones to put on there, but after seeing that the film is now 50 DOLLARS on eBay, I scrapped that dream and filled the whole board. I still have about 30 that wouldn't fit, but these are the real winners. It makes my life look epic, everyone I've ever known look beautiful, and gives me a lift when I see it and cross my fingers that I'll have that much fun in life again.

Also, here are some lemon-lime-basil shortbread cookies I made last night with basil that I've grown myself!(How it's escaped my black thumb of death is beyond me). The recipes from the most recent Bon Appetit(I am NOT A FAN of the new editor/snarky GQ format/celebrity worship), and they're a little weird, and an excellent reminder of why you should always ignore a baking recipe's call to use kosher salt and just use plain table salt instead. But they are perfectly round and so pleasant to look at! Although not in this terrible photo. Ok. Gotta put an end to this ramble.

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