Purple Haze

top- Tara Jarmon for Target
skirt- thrifted
belt- Target
flats- Nine West
music- Pere Ubu- Non-Alignment Pact

Oops, these pictures are from Friday and I don't have any from the weekend! I took a 24-hour trip to Nashville to hang out with some ladies(success) and look for a possible place to live(not a success). I took no photos because when I'm out doing stuff I always forget to pull out my camera. But ok! Friday Elizabeth and I went to go see Bridesmaids, which, for being a raunchy comedy, had a ton of heart as well as being really funny. And there was Chris O'Dowd, who was way too adorable already in Pirate Radio, which was sort of lame but I may watch again to stare at his way cute face. I was actually waving at the screen saying "quit it!" when he was just being too cute in this movie(I'm probably not a good person to go the movies with, I realize).
I obviously wore this before the freak cold spell that has hit Memphis(and Nashville) in the past few days. I was trying to show the great cutout and lil bow in the back of this top but I think I ruined it with the flash! As well as my new leopard belt I got on clearance at Target last week. It's all furry and feels like extra-prickly Charlotte hair(before I got her on the fancy dog food she's on now) and I love it! Leopard and purple seems like a good combo..this skirt came from Murfreesboro's largest thrift store, Bargain Center, back when my pal Baby Ben worked there. He couldn't let us walk out from the store without paying, so I specifically remember on this day walking up to him with a pile of clothes and shoes and him saying "49 cents, please." THOSE WERE THE DAYS.

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