cardigan- Delia's
dress- given to me by Christie
heels- Dillard's, circa 2005
music- the Zombies- She's Not There

I honestly thought that the floral skirt I wore last Friday was the only pink item that I owned, but upon looking through my closet(s) and dresser I discovered more! When you have a really obscene amount of clothes like I do you're constantly discovering things you forgot you owned. Like this cardigan, which is so pale it barely even merits being called pink. I love the big buttons and the fact that it's about as warm as tissue paper(though considerably more comfortable), so I can wear it in the summertime.
I really love this dress! It's an ice-skater-like silhouette that swings when I move and has a print slightly more interesting than your average polka dot(not that there's anything wrong with your average polka dot, of course!), with dots of varying sizes. Christie is the best! I couldn't believe she was giving this dress away. Thank goodness she has even more clothes than me and is often giving awesome things away. Speaking of, I have a few things in my closet I'd like to get rid of, but I think they're too good to just dump at the Goodwill drop-off...maybe I'll post some pictures on here and see if anyone wants them. I really like sending packages so this could be exciting!
P.S.- Is it bad that when I say "pink" I really want to say "PAAAAANK" like Steven Tyler in that awful song? Cause I do.

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  1. when i pulled this up today i was like wow! this is cute! and totally didn't realize it was the dress i gave you. a belt goes with it that is the same fabric! it's around here somewhere and i'll bring it to you next time. i don't recognize that cardigan.