cardigan- Delia's
tank underneath that you can't actually see- Libertine for Target
skirt- Proenza Schouler for Target, via Buffalo Exchange
flats- Old Navy
music- The Futureheads- Park Inn

Sorry about the gap in posting, a weird cold spell put me in a giant-sweater rut, and my neighbor's children have emerged after not seeing them for a year and have started to quiz me for what feels like hours on end every time I walk outside. "How'd you get your legs so white? Wanna see my bellybutton? Don't you wish you could fly? Why won't your dog come up to us? Where does she sleep? Do you know Justin Beiber?" Needless to say, it's been quite hard to sneak out to take photos but I finally managed today.
I'm not sure about brown. Can brunettes wear brown? I feel like I need to steer far clear of anything remotely resembling an "earth tone." However, I think this sweater is supa cute, with tiny polka points(not really full-on dots!) and its little pink bow buttons.(Colors don't come out correctly when I take photos outside. I am wearing extra blush here but I still look like a corpse.) Mainly I am unsure about brown because I own so few colors it does not clash horribly with, this skirt being an exception. I got it at a Buffalo Exchange during a less-than-48-hour trip to St. Louis Katherine and I took in 2008. I think I had bubble tea at least 3 different times during that 40 hours, and I also napped in a parked car in 90-degree weather because sometimes you just gotta nap. Anyway, I did not mean to create a row of buttons down my entire front but it looks like I did just that. I'm gonna try and go make a banana cake with not-ripe-enough bananas(I don't understand why stores sell them so damn green), and I'll leave with an image of Charlotte guarding her favorite toy chick.

P.S.- I can see why people resort to titling posts with bad song lyrics! That shit is hard. And I'm taking the lazzzzzzy way out.

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