Top- mark.
Jeans- Forever 21
Wedges- Delia's
music- The Sonics- "He's Waiting"

Still not quite sure how to pose for this, hanging my head seems to be a good option. This outfit reminds me of my style a few years ago, around 2006-07, when I'd say my main stylistic goal was to look like the girlfriend of a member of the Sonics would look.(CHECK OUT AWESOME MOHAIR SWEATER BELOW) When I thought about clothes I thought "1966", and very rarely varied from it. I think my haircut(blunt bangs gotten after seeing "The Notorious Bettie Page" in the movie theater on my 19th birthday) had a lot to do with this as well. Now I'm not quite sure what my look is, but I still think of 1966 as my ultimate reference point, and I refuse to give up the heavy liquid liner. Not sure where this post is going...but there was a snowstorm last night and I don't have to work today! (Guess how well those shoes did me when I stepped out of the movie theater last night into 3 inches of snow). Judging from the sluggishness of my mind right now, I'd say maybe 9 hours of sleep actually isn't good for me.

Also, I saw The Social Network last night...really, critics, really? This is "the Citizen Kane for the millenial set"? You got your panties in a wad over this? It was a very enjoyable movie, well acted, I sort of have a crush on Jesse Eisenberg?(why lord why?!?), the clothing was dead on(contemporary costuming doesn't get enough credit), and the actors looked like they could actually be in college, but the college party scenes had my eyes rolled back so far in my head I couldn't see. I think it was clearly made by someone who hasn't been in college in a very long time. It reminded me of the HILAROUS fear-mongering-for-parents-of-high-school-students that Law & Order SVU (one of my favorite things in this world, by the way) loves to promote. I won't go into it any more here, but I honestly think that in a year with a dearth of excellent movies critics clung to the only fascinating intellectual story in the form of a blockbuster they could find. I think Winter's Bone was ten times the movie this was.


  1. there has been a cat in the background of all yr recent posts. is that marcil?

  2. hey!! Why did I not discover your second blog until now? I enjoyed reading all the posts and I'm glad you got the tripod figured out.

  3. thanks for telling me how to operate the tripod, eliz! i'm so mechanically challenged it's sort of amazing i can function in modern society.