Style Inspiration: Wattstax

This is one of those rare films, like Mystery Train and portions of Hustle & Flow, that makes me think "DAMN my city is badass!". And yes, even though Wattstax was not made in Memphis, the feel of it is pervasive in the concert scenes...it's Watts + Stax, after all. And speaking of badass, these documentary has it in spades, particularly regarding style.

Is there anything more badass than a giant, glorious Afro? I don't think so. If I could grow one, I would. They're sadly so rare nowadays, though when I do see one I am stunned by how amazing it looks. Fortunately this movie is like an Afro treasury. It doesn't stop there though, friends: there are wonderful polka dot hot pants, a lot of ass-shaking, huge hats, and some mind-blowing ultra '70s black dandies/modern day Beau Brummel's(has anyone researched that comparison? They should).

And I'm only talking about the spectators and talking heads. The actual musicians look even better, with Rufus Thomas's "Ain't I clean?" magical pink short-suit with patent white boots(wrap your head around that), Issac Hayes looking like a shiny bronze soul statue, and the lead singer of the Bar-Kays sporting what may be the weirdest haircut I have ever seen- a relaxed bowl cut(see below). The movie must be seen to be believed. It might even make you cry that you can't dance.(Wait, that's probably just me).

If this song doesn't slay you just a little then YOU DON'T HAVE A SOUL.

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