Plaid Clad

Cardigan- Urban Outfitters
Dress- Vintage
Belt- my mom's from the '80s
Tights- ?
Boots- Macy's
music- The Lost Sounds- And You Dance?

I plugged this lil thing on that frenemy of us all, the Facebook, the other night and immediately regretted it. But new Facebook won't let me delete?!?!?! Damn you Zuckerberg!!!(who I am picturing with a snotty little smirk in his Wizard-of-Oz tower). Anyway, I think my embarrassment is evident here. Looking at the camera is really hard. Not sure what's up with my ponytail happening here..I'm always hoping for a Mary Weiss side-part thing but alas, I simply have too much hair. (Looking at Shangri-La's photos was so much fun that I am including some here).

This dress was a realllly depressing long plaid muu-muu when I bought it. I think my face visibly drooped when I first opened the box it came in. But for $9.99 you gotta forge on, and with some hemming and belting and hiding the colossal sleeves meant to fit over an elephant thigh it sort of works. I love plaid. It reminds me of my favorite dude friends always in their flannel(see? look to your friends for inspiration) and it's always a challenge to make it seem feminine. Plus it, like leopard print, is one of those prints that almost seems like a neutral. I'd really kill for one of those unisex Barbour bags that is probably ungodly itchy and so British upper-class "I hunt foxes with beagles" in a very subtle way. Good lord, I am going to give William Faulkner a run for his money with all these run-on sentences.
On a completely unrelated note, today is the 1-year anniversary of Jay Reatard's death. Memphis really seems like a different place. I'm saying that not because I knew him but because pretty much ever since I started going to shows when just a young'un, his bands have been an integral part of my Memphis experience and a reason why I love it so much. I think when Christie and I hosted a "Memphis" episode of our radio show about 50% was Jay-related stuff. Andy wrote a really fantastic feature/oral history about him that ran today on Pitchfork that you should really take a look at.
P.S.- If you are under 5'4" and want these tights(after a wash, of course) please let me know. They are small/medium and 5'5" is apparently way too tall for that size and I waddled around like a penguin all day long as they barely reach my hipbones. They are really warm and otherwise great.

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