Dress- thrifted
Boots- vintage
music- The Clash- Car Jamming

Occasionally I venture out of my hidey hole and go socialize with folks, believe it or not. Last night was Brock/Alice/Chloe's house-warming party. I made a sweet potato pound cake for the occasion. The house is amazing and looks like a really awesome yacht on the inside with porthole windows and crazy high ceilings and wood paneling. Also, there is tapestry on the kitchen walls? And that's where these pictures were taken(by Elizabeth, thank you!).

This dress is from the children's section of the always-reliable Outreach thrift store in Murfreesboro. The tag says "Just Kidding!". As in, "just kidding, don't really wear this out in public!". Or maybe "you're an adult, why are you shopping in the children's section? Just kidding! Go ahead." Either way I think it's a great archetypal mod dress. Almost cartoon-y mod, something that was probably originally meant for a Halloween costume. (Can you imagine how cool the little kid whose costume this was might have been?!?)

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