Sack o' Taters

Sweater- vintage
Slip(worn as skirt)- vintage
T-Straps- vintage
music- Velvet Underground- The Murder Mystery

This past week hasn't really been my week, you might say, but I'm trying to get back to it. This outfit was an attempt to juxtapose something extremely masculine with something very feminine. Not sure I succeeded in anything other than looking like a sack of potatoes. This sweater is actually a men's Christian Dior sweater from the '50s or '60s bought at the long-defunct Memphis vintage store The Cotton Exchange for $1. As it stands that is the only "designer" piece of clothing I own, har har.

A lot of the style blogs I enjoy reading feature girls who mysteriously own Alaia shoes and Miu Miu dresses at the age of 19 while appearing to be jobless. While it is fun looking at those undeniably beautiful clothes, honestly, if you can't dress well when you have financial access to clothes of that caliber then you might be hopeless. It's like the billionaire trophy wives that populate the pages of Bazaar(sorry I'm picking on you Bazaar, you know I love ya) who are "philanthropists." If you have that much money and time and don't volunteer or donate money, it would be sort of reprehensible. Anyway, the point of this is that I'm gonna try and do this thing with my Target, thrift store, and Forever 21 clothes. Trust me, it's a lot harder to find good shit when sifting through a store rife with t-shirts with sequined Mickey Mouse on them than it would be to sashay(SASHAY SHONTAY) into Barney's.
Okay, rant over! In a totally unrelated thought, I watched Pirate Radio last night. The movie had a few moments, despite the cringe-inducing album montage at the end credits, and WHY do I find Rhys Ifans really sexy his godawful dandy clothes?, but it reallllly made me want bangs again. I know I shouldn't. They are a hassle and I'm no fan of hassles. But they were such fun and were such a definite statement, as opposed to the hawk's nest sitting atop my head right now(which may be an unintentional statement on its own, like "I give in to the Memphis humidity" or "I value sleep more than hair".) I NEED A HAIRCUT.

(it was extremely difficult to find good hair images for this movie, for some reason)

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