Day at the Museum

Plaid shirt- Target
T-shirt- Target
Leggings- American Apparel
Loafers- Target
music- "Lonely As Can Be"- The Concretes

Yesterday I went to the still life exhibit at the Dixon that ends today. (See how I procrastinate?) It was really lovely, as I am very interested in still lifes and if I go back to grad school 16th-18th century still lifes will probably be my chosen research topic. The exhibit featured a broad range of artists from Weston to Beuys to Courbet, with a weird sprinkling of Chinese sculpture and decorative arts thrown in mix. The Dixon is such a beautiful place(see below), even if my experience was slightly dimmed by the yapping old women that seem to haunt museums and galleries. It's not a professional sporting event, ladies. No need to yell. And for God's sake no need to read the informational plaques aloud. But I digress. I'd like to highlight on this blog some of what I do in my beloved, highly underrated and misunderstood underdawg city. I'm not great at taking photos but I will try.
I wore my comfy loafers cause the last thing I want to do is clip-clop around an echo-y museum. I might as well join those folks that say "innnnnteresting" at EVERY SINGLE ARTWORK they pass by. These loafers are slightly grandpa(is this a recurring theme?) but remind me more of classic cushy car shoes. Maybe I'll win the lottery and buy some Tod's, but until that day these will suffice. This t-shirt is an XXL from the clearance section at Target($3.48 yo!). In warm weather I normally wear this shirt backwards to get a nice U-back effect, but when I did that today it looked way too tomboy-ish and I turned it around right. I've fallen into the habit of buying XXL sizes of things I would never buy in my own size. I'm not sure yet if this is a good thing or not, but evidently my disgruntled kitties in the background here disapprove.


  1. i think the last time i went to the dixon was in french class, maybe 10th grade?

  2. um, this was the first time i'd gone to the dixon for a non school-related reason...ever. except for when we had a picnic on a tiny blanket in the garden. i would like to recreate that...just on a bigger blanket.