Hello, It's Me

cardigan- Old Navy
dress- vintage
tights- Target
shoes/boots(shoots)- Target
nail polish- Vintage Blue by Avon
music- "1-2-3 goodbye"- elvis perkins

Yes, me, not Todd Rundgren. It was (is?) a New Year's resolution of mine to update this thing more frequently(at all is more like it), but a surprisingly persistent stomach bug that had me hallucinating with fever at midnight on New Year's Eve has made that somewhat difficult. But here I am. You may be thinking many things while looking at this picture, from "stop looking at me like that" to "your hair is OUTTA CONTROL" and "your dog is the devil". And you would be right to think those things. But the tripod and I have been working together and hopefully this is just the beginning. This cardigan, despite a hole in the elbow that led a co-worker to call me a ragamuffin, is one of my favorites for its elusive slim-in-the-arms yet baggy-like-a-grandpa effect. But I really wouldn't want anything to detract from this dress, which I find insane.

It's like animal prints on crack. Lions and tigers and jaguars, oh my. A vertiable roster of endangered jungle cats. It was a stunningly unflattering mid-calf length when I got it, but I hemmed it to a more appropriate size.

As you will surely see in the future, I have a burgeoning nail polish problem. I wore only blood red from ages 18-22, and then I regressed to age 12, when I had an entire Caboodle full of nail polishes which I meticulously renamed(never satisfied with their sad boring original color titles) in a large notebook. Now I have not gone so far as to rename my new polishes yet, but as the Little Prince says, "On ne sais jamais." Instead I have become incredibly demanding of these bottles of paint. With this color I found the certain 18th century powder blue I've been looking for, flat but assuredly opaque. Look at this portrait by Gainsborough. See what I mean? Good to know the art history degree is not for naught!

Robert Andrews and his Wife Frances, Thomas Gainsborough, 1750

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