A Little Leopard Problem

Cardigan: Forever 21
Tank: Proenza Schouler for Target
Shorts: American Apparel
Wedges: Target
Music: The Walkmen- French Vacation

Ha! Check out this joker! Please bear with me as I attempt to sort out the proper face to make and head-tilt ratio when using a tripod. I'm so mechanically inept that I'm pretty surprised I was able to get this photo taken at all.
But onto the clothes! I've found myself wearing these shorts almost every weekend, not least because they most definitely do not fall into the work-appropriate category of my wardrobe(which is a whole other story). They possess 3 qualities that I love: they're black, they're high-waisted, and they're way short. I recently read a "fashion Q & A" in Bazaar in which some poor indecisive soul asked when was the appropriate age to shelve the short shorts. The "advice" said upon graduation from college. Well, I graduated in December and I intend to keep things short until my legs give out on me or they effectively blind someone with their whiteness. My opinion on fashion Q & A's is that if you have to ask, you'll probably never know. Perhaps I should ask them what they think about wearing leopard every damn day. I've begun to view it as a neutral. Not so long ago, I told myself I would delegate it to mere accessories. After my leopard flats from Target (R.I.P.) literally fell apart, I decided to amp it. First came this cardigan. Then the oft-photographed dress by Rodarte for Target. Then, most recently, a so-bad-it's-good massive furry coat from F21 (when Memphis dips below 80 degrees I'm so ready to bust it out). Andy recently told me he is not a fan of leopard, which has sadly not dimmed my enthusiasm for it the way it should. Hopefully you won't find me next in a full-on Iggy Pop-esque horrid/amazing leopard bodysuit, but at the rate I'm going, you never know...
Edit: I forgot about Iggy's famed leather jacket with the cheetah on the back. Oh boyo

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  1. i think you pull off leopard well! it subtle, but definitely there. we got to get a picture on halloween of you as a leopard!