Inspiration: The Wings of the Dove

Instead of sifting through oodles of street-style photos or images on Lookbook until my eyebrows raise so high they're hidden beneath my hair(since when did taking a photograph of yourself spreadeagle in a lace bodysuit count as possessing personal style?), let's talk about something much more inspirational, like this film. The Wings of the Dove, based on the Henry James novel, is a gorgeous movie. True, you can always count on an adaptation of a HJ work for visual appeal, but I found my jaw hitting the floor during some of these scenes. So much fur! Venice! The beautiful Poiret-like dresses of the early 20th century! So many diaphanous fabrics! Linus Roache(he counts as sexy scenery, right?)! The headgear is magnificent(see below), replete with jewels and feathers and all manner of lovely things. And I'm dying to find a way to make my hair do that poofy, sensuous, pulled-up-but-just-barely-so thing that all the ladies were so good at back then. Don't be surprised if you find me swanning around Easy Way in a long velvet dress and some feathers in my hair.

And no, I am not one of those people who blindly loves any attractive period piece. This movie is more than eye candy, however, and I may not be doing it justice here. It's a devastating look at greed and jealousy and the mistakes women make when they are in love. But lord, it's pretty.

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