Dress: Fletcher by Lyell, Urban Outfitters
Flats: Target
Music: Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin- Jane B.

Oh ho ho ha!...eh. I'm already embarassed of my nu-metal pun two seconds after I wrote it. Probably a result of turning my brains to mush by flipping through Revolver while demolishing a massive apple fritter yesterday morning (so many vices in this sentence). Anyway, back on track...I bought this "dress" last week after patiently waiting for it to go on clearance. It is in reality not so much a dress as a very lovely slip. That I nevertheless wore like a dress. Thanks to Osama Bin Laden in his weather machine(a phrase Andy holds so dear), I was able to wear this sans cardigan or tights. At the end of October. A bit frightening, but that's Memphis for you. I really feel that pale people (and extremely dark people) are the only ones who can do justice to eggplant shades, but perhaps this is just my pale person pride (PPP). Which surely means that I need much more of it in my wardrobe...

I was really pleasantly surprised at the details in this dress. It's from the Fletcher by Lyell capsule collection at Urban Outfitters, which I've long admired from afar but have not had the opportunity to buy anything from yet(and now it's almost all gone). The white panels at the top have some sweet embroidery on them (gratitituous boob shot to show said detail not included), and the back dips into a nice V. I am a great fan of exposing the back, which I think has been too long neglected as an erogenous/aesthetic zone (though this did backfire once when an uninvited creep slipped his hand into a backless shirt I had on at a show). I'm not sure what is up with this one photo...the settings, the oddly haughty expression, the eyebrowless-ness (I SWEAR I HAVE THEM). However, I will forge on.
P.S.- As a follow-up to my last post, I bought a feather hairpiece last night that I'm really excited about. Never underestimate the power of a beautiful period film!

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