Dress- John Paul Gaultier for Target
Wedges- Urban Outfitters
Music: The Sea and Cake- Parasol

Well, I've been toying with idea of starting one of these forever, particularly after a brief flirtation with Wardrobe Remix 3 years ago. I am a little discomfited by the hilarious narcissism of taking pictures of my outfits for the world to see, but when I look at blogs like Fancy Fine or Le Blog de Betty or Ringo, Have a Banana! (blogs written by interesting, funny, well-dressed girls), it doesn't seem so crazy. So here I am!
This dress is amazing. Ignore the fact that the bright afternoon light rendered me temporarily eyebrow-less in this photo. I somehow completely missed it looking at the JPG for Target collection the first time around, but I'm so glad I caught it (on sale, too!). At first I was afraid it would be too slip-like, but it has a nice lining so I don't feel too exposed. It also has these great little lace panels right above the boobs that are slightly racy (if anyone were looking that close). I don't really think of polka dots as one of my favorite things, and yet they have taken over my closet, as far as prints go.
We went to see a Q & A with Ian Mackaye last night at the Brooks Museum. I came away really impressed. He was funny and charismatic, and had a lot of interesting things to say about music, shows, food, and people in general. And he was definitely the best advertisement I've seen for keeping your nose(and lungs, and liver) clean...that man was ON IT.

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