Come Sail Away

jean jacket- Old Navy
sailor shirt- vintage
shorts- American Apparel
wedges- Target
music- Dinosaur Jr- The Water

Oh yes, I'm doing double denim up in here. I suppose it's not a true Canadian tuxedo if the denim is two different colors, but close enough. Not sure what I'm doing in that 2nd photo, or why I have bruises all over my legs. But those are problems for another time! I have to open tomorrow so I'll keep this short. I bought some new boot(ie)s at Target today that I can't wait to wear(I LOVE YOU TARGET), but the weather seems to have settled on pleasantly warm again(I am definitely not complaining!). I just made some chocolate chip-coconut bars and am all weepy from reading some ASPCA article about brave rescue dogs with little protective vests on who searched for people during the wreckage of 9/11. I won't say much, but that my first trip to NYC was exactly one month to the day before 9/11, and I think pretty often about how lucky I am that I was there on 8/11 instead, and of the little Asian lady I bought spiced peanuts from right in front of the WTC who may or may not have made it. Not very eloquent but it's the best I can do right now.

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